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October 3, 2007

Our Internet Blows

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Yes, the right one is upload, the left one is download.

To be fair, we usually get 5kbs+ but I guess our phone line is throwing a tantrum or something.


October 2, 2007

Do you want to buy “the goods” for “the price”?

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We put some of our stuff up on craigslist when we moved recently and some of the responses are great. I’m sure anyone who puts items up gets the same emails, but they struck me as funny. It’s amazing how generic they get. Like this one, in response to our classified for our grill:

Hi, is the item still available for sale now,I need this urgently, am willing to purchase the goods for the price, and i will be making the payment with money order, if this is still availabe please contact me back for the quick response, and with your information i need to require for the payment within today till next week. Because am inneed of the item, you can also contact me with my messeger crib_king78@yahoo.com

Or this one for our TV:

Hello seller,

I saw your advert while surfing via the internet and am
willing and interested to buy your items.Get back to me via my email
if the items is still available for sale.Are you the owner???State its
condition.What is your last OFFER????I look forward to read
from you about the items soonest.

Best Regards,

If you had no context, you’d think I was performing some kind of drug deal, selling “the goods” for “the price”. Surprisingly, they must have hired an army of non-english speakers to get their grammar this bad…

“and with your information i need to require for the payment within today till next week”? Impressive.


May 17, 2007

i lol’d!

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For those who haven’t yet been exposed to the hilarity that is lolcat - you should head over to I CAN HAS CHEEZEBURGER. It’s gotta be the best lolcat site on the net.

i lol'd