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April 9, 2007

GRX and The Departed

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So, today was Easter Sunday and Garret, Pete and I went to church this morning. It’s only the second time I’ve been in my entire life (the other was in Ireland, of all places). Mark Jen was part of the team that helped put the service together. His church is called the Great Exchange and the Easter service was really cool. It was at the Hyatt convention center and they had five huge video screens and a sound crew. It was kind of like a christian rock concert in a way - there were people who played guitar and drums while singing about Jesus.

I’m not big on the Jesus thing, but the lighting, music, and effects were pretty cool. The best part was the dance team that performed a Stomp-like number. I’m always impressed when people can make such crazy rhythms with just their bodies. The were a lot of empty seats at the convention center, but Mark said that the 11:15 service is always a lot bigger. Overall, a pretty cool experience - but I can’t say I plan to start going to church =)

Pete, Garret and I also watched The Departed today. Neither Pete nor I had seen it before. The movie was really good. The cast that they got for it was amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio was better than I expected and pretty much every other face was a star actor. I’m always fascinated at the ability of movie-makers to come up with an ending that satisfies the viewer’s desire for justice, but leaves something the prevents it from being a “goodie two shoes” ending. I’ll avoid any spoilers, but sufficed to say it was a great movie with a great ending.

Incidentally, I ordered my camera today - it’s the same one that Garret has, the Pentax K100d (as recommended by Terry). It was so much cheaper than the Sony a100 or Canon Rebel XTi that I couldn’t justify those over it. Should be here this week if I’m lucky.

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