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March 26, 2007

Fired Up

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Today was the last day that Pete’s mom is here, so we decided to enjoy the weather and cook out on the grill. We used the 80/20 ground beef to make our hamburgers (the last time we used the 93/7 stuff). All was going well until we went to open the grill to flip the burgers one last time. When I tried to lift the cover, my knuckles almost got burned it was so hot inside. Apparently all the dripping fat had caught fire and there was a little inferno inside the grill. By the time we turned off the gas and got the fire to die down (Garret had to open it from a distance with the spatula), the hot dogs had become little more than charcoal. Apparently, they make excellent fuel. The burgers, happily, were still edible (albeit a little charred on the outside). Maybe we should splurge on the leaner meat in the future…

Also, Garret and I hung up the little basketball net in our driveway today. The basketball itself is half deflated, which makes throwing it a little awkward, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Getting the ball into that tiny hoop is really hard. We’ve staked out a point in the back of the driveway where we’re trying to make a shot from. It’s kind of like trying to get a hole-in-one at mini golf.

Even more fun is throwing the ball up to Lily when she’s up on the deck and watching her catch it in her mouth and try to pull it back. She can get her head out pretty far and has become really good at catching the little basketball lately, but it’s like trying to pull your fist out of the pickle jar. Except the fist is her head and the pickle is a mini basketball.

In other news, we have removed those old, dirty curtains that were exuding their filthiness in our living rooms. They now lie in a pile in our basement, hopefully never to be placed on hangers again.

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