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April 30, 2007

A Month Later

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It’s been about a month since I got my Pentax K100D and half that since I bought the DA 50-200mm lens for it. The camera is really nice, although it’s often not worth it to switch lenses. I find most of the time I want to zoom in more than I want to zoom out, so I’ve kept the DA 50-200mm one on most of the time.


The camera itself takes nice pictures, although I keep forgetting to change the shooting settings (so I end up trying to take a picture of a perfectly still flower in the “action” mode, which doesn’t make much sense). Unfortunately, I haven’t had many interesting things to take pictures of, so almost everything is of Lily or of our backyard. One annoying thing about the telephoto lens is that it’s difficult to focus on things close up. I need to jump back about a foot more than I prefer to get a close up of a lot of the flowers in the backyard.

I got to play with Peter’s Canon Rebel XT yesterday also, for comparison. It was really good at taking quick shots where I find myself waiting for the auto-focus to finish on my camera. It seemed like it didn’t focus as well, though. I always felt like it didn’t quite have the smaller depth of field I wanted.

Either way - I’m pretty happy overall with the camera. It’s nice to be able to get new lenses if I want to try shooting some different things. There are some crazy telephoto lenses out there and lots of cool macro lenses. I can also upgrade to the K10D (or whatever new DSLR Pentax comes out with) in the future, if I really want.

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