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March 23, 2007


I’m originally from Fitchburg, MA. I’m a graduate of RPI and work as a server and web developer for Plaxo, a company in Silicon Valley that does online address books. I moved out here when Plaxo acquired HipCal, a company that Pete, Garret, Glenn, Tawheed and I started in the summer of ‘05. We all live in a huge house in Los Altos Hills.

I am one of the most taciturn people I know. I try to speak only if I have something to say. Although, sometimes I feel like that’s not quite enough =)

I like to play games. I play World of Warcraft (and have played Guild Wars and Everquest in the past). I love massively multiplayer games (even not so massive - like DragonRealms). For exercise I enjoy cycling (I got a road bike in February of ‘07 and love being able to ride around in the beautiful California weather). My roomates and I also like to play frisbee and tennis every now and then. I love language and writing - yes even an engineer can like that stuff. I also enjoy playing piano, although I still haven’t invested in a keyboard since moving out here.

Me and the Sky

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